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Q: How many years have you been with St. Luke’s?

Patricia: This is my 10th year at St. Luke’s.

Q: Wow! An entire decade. And you started as a preschool teacher, correct?

P: I started as a substitute from an outside organization. They asked me to come here and sub for a day and that day turned into a job offer and 10 years.

Q: After you became a teacher; where did your path go after that?

P: I was a teacher in the infant room and became a closing supervisor because we didn’t have an Assistant Director at the time. I was then offered the Assistant Director Position and from there I was promoted to the Childcare Director. After that I was the Family Resource Center Director and then the Chief Programs Officer, and now the interim Chief Operating Officer.

Q: You’ve seen a lot of transition in your ten years at St. Luke’s!

P: Yeah! Throughout all the transitions I’ve seen in the last ten years, St. Luke’s commitment to service has never wavered, which I think is the really impressive thing. The organization and the board have never let those transitions stop our progress and stop us from serving the community.

Q: In your experience of transitions, what is the most difficult part?

P: The most difficult part is maintaining the faith and trust of the staff. But we’ve always had such a dedicated staff that even though that’s the ‘hardest part’ it’s not necessarily a hard job.

Q: What are some things you’re hoping to see on the other side of this transition?

P: I’m hoping that we will see continued growth. I’m hoping that St. Luke’s will stay focused on our strategic plan that we’ve worked so hard to develop and implement. Just to stay focused on our mission and our service to the community. I want to see us continue to rise to the challenge of this changing city that we’re in.

Q: So on that note, where do you see St. Luke’s in one year, in 5 years?

P: Where I would personally like to see St. Luke’s go first is preschool expansion. We know there’s a childcare crisis in Nashville and I would love for St. Luke’s to play a part in meeting that need. I want us to continue to be a resource to families while promoting that St. Luke’s is here to stay, and really to make a name for ourselves in other parts of the city. I want to continue inviting more nonprofits onto our campus to work towards that vision of being a hub of resources.

Q: Can you talk a bit more about what St. Luke’s is doing during this transition to continue to grow that goal of expanding our reach and bring more nonprofits into the fold?

P: Sure! Recently we added a new position of Community Outreach Manager that focuses on getting the St. Luke’s name out there and growing our partnerships. So far that position has resulted in two new partnerships to date, which is really exciting! These are partners that we have not had before in different parts of the city, which expands awareness of St. Luke’s. The other things that we’re doing

include reviewing the feasibility study that’s been done to see how and where we can grow. We’re also actively looking at possible expansion of our preschool. Finally, we’re really focusing on data evaluation and quality data to make sure that our services are making and impact.

Q: Great! So finally, what’s coming up at St. Luke’s in the next few months that we can look forward to?

P: We will be having a great new event on September 12th - our Bishops and Gravy event. This is a fundraising breakfast as well as a thank you to our volunteers and donor base. We will have our annual Halloween Trunk or Treat for our clients in our neighborhood on October 25th. And we’re getting into the holiday season which is always a lot of fun at St. Luke’s: our Thanksgiving lunch and our Christmas Toy Store. There are lots of fun and exciting things happening in this next part of the year.

Q: Sounds like a lot to look forward to! Thanks for sitting down with me.

P: Thank you!


Welcome our new partner:
Mother to Mother Inc.

Mother To Mother is a nonprofit that provides vital health, safety and wellness items for infants and children in need by working with a special network of social workers, nurses, social service agencies, and local hospitals.

They distribute diapers, car seats, clothes, cribs, strollers, and other essential baby items to low-income children from newborns to age 10.

Learn more about them here. 

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Volunteers, Activate!

Our mobile meals program is fastly expanding, and we need your help! We are in search of volunteers to become a part of our regular driving team. With more consistent volunteers we can drive more routes, which means we can serve more of our neighbors who need us most! 

This program serves Seniors aged 60-plus and adults with disabilities who live within specific West Nashville by delivering freshly prepared meals Monday through Friday. Without this service, many neighbors are not getting the nutrition and the social interaction they need to live fulfilling lives. 

Interested in joining the team? Email Morgan at



Join us on Sept 12 at 8 am for a free fellowship breakfast celebrating community, philanthropy, and the red door of hope! We love our community of vibrant donors, volunteers, and advocates.

Email to RSVP!