The Toy Store

 a fulfilling christmas

For decades, the St. Luke’s Christmas programs helped deserving families and seniors have presents under the tree. Wonderful donor families incorporated this program into their own family holiday traditions.  Although we will still host “Adopt-a-Senior”, since 2015 we have been slowly transitioning the family portion of the Christmas program to be more empowering for the client. We are excited to exclusively offer the Toy Store this Christmas. Instead of accepting free gifts someone else chose for their children, parents can now purchase new toys for a very small amount they can afford.  The new toys are donated by the same donor families who used to “adopt” families at Christmas and we receive new books to give away from partnerships with other nonprofits and Parnassus Books.

By selling new toys for $1-10 and giving away new books, families with limited means no longer must choose between rent and food or Christmas presents. This model gives dignity, respect, choice, and most of all, the pride of being able to provide for their own children. Even paying just $7 can give a working parent on the verge of financial crisis the joy that they could give their child a wonderful Christmas.  This wouldn’t be possible without the loyal, generous Christmas donors. 


Visit the front desk during normal business hours. Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Check back for specific 2019 appointment times.




Without amazing donors, we could not provide this wonderful service. Visit our Amazon Wish List to purchase toys for our store!


We are grateful to partner with Parnassus books to supplement our new books for the Toy Store. They have carefully curated a lovely list of books to choose from on a user friendly page linked here.

To find out more information about our shopping lists, hosting toy drives, or volunteering, please contact or call (615) 324-8375.

You may also access our Amazon wish lists here

View and buy books from Parnassus here.