St. Luke’s Newsletter

APRIL 2019

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Volunteer appreciation month

This month we have been celebrating our wonderful volunteers!  Volunteer Appreciation Week was in early April and it has been a blast to connect with our volunteers and remind them how important they are to us.

Volunteers save us around $24 an hour in staffing. In 2018, our volunteers worked 5,367 hours! All together, that saved St. Luke's $128,808! We truly couldn't have the impact we have in our community without our awesome volunteers! Interested in joining this incredible team?


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In March alone, we have given out almost 4,000 diapers. Our need is greater than ever and we are running low! With your help we can always have a stocked diaper bank. Please consider dropping off a pack of diapers or choosing from the list below. 

Want to get even more involved? Ask us how you can throw your own diaper drive! Email Shelby at

Click to view our list. 

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St. Luke's is proud to announce the launch of a brand new giving society!

The Monthly Giving Society allows you to give a monthly donation of your choice. In return, you'll received detailed information on where your money was used that month, including insight into every bit of what we do here!