Partner Spotlight:

the nashville food project

“Bringing people together to grow, cook
and share nourishing food, with the goals
of cultivating community and alleviating 
hunger in our city. “

The Nashville Food Project (TNFP) operates in our community on a multitude of levels. They are almost exclusively volunteer based, using volunteers to make and deliver meals across town. As much as possible, TNFP uses ‘recovered, donated, and garden-grown food’ to whip up the delicious, healthy meals they provide.

Their BRAND NEW campus officially opened on January 27th, 2019, and includes gardens and greenhouses for growing to support their programs, as well as for learning spaces to teach our neighbors in the community how to provide for themselves right from the earth. We love our partnership with the Nashville Food Project! To learn more about their mission and services they provide, visit their website here: www.thenashvillefoodproject.org